The manufacturing industry is a major earner for a lot of countries in the world today, due to the importance of the products they produce. The manufacturing industries are able to pick up a normal of raw materials, add value to them and turn them into a finished product. The finished products are subsequently purchased and used by consumers who continue to patronize the products of their manufacturing industry. However, there are a lot of factors that determine a consumer’s preferred manufacturer. These factors include quality, price, and usefulness of the product. An example of products that are useful to a lot of people today is gadgets. Gadgets are cool equipment that is often computerized and provides a number of purposes for users including entertainment, communication, and health among others. One of the countries that has the reputation of having companies that produce gadgets that is among the most preferred worldwide are China. The reason for this is due to the fact that China produces cheap and quality products. This has endeared their customers to them and makes the country a major force in influencing the world through their technological products. Some of the ways China is influencing the world of tech through their affordable and quality products are discussed subsequently.


The major way through which China is influencing the world of technology is through the provision of affordable and cheap gadgets. As a result, a lot of people that would not have considered buying a gadget or would not have been able to afford it now have such gadgets. For instance, while the latest iPhone often goes for over a thousand United States dollars, Chinese phone manufacturers like Techno produce phones that have similar functionalities with the iPhone for around 100 United States dollars. As a result, there are millions of people, especially in developing nations that cannot afford $1000 for a phone but can afford $100 for same.

gadgets innovationAvailability

China has a huge labor force. They have been able to employ a significant percentage of this labor force in the production of gadgets. As a result, millions of gadgets are produced in China on a daily basis and shipped to many countries around the world. The availability of the products implies that anybody who is interested in cheap Chinese gadgets can find it in stores around them. The availability also plays a significant impact in maintaining the prices, based on the laws of demand and supply.


Another major influence China is having on the technology world is competition. Apart from the fact that gadget producers from other countries now have to compete with their price and their gadgets, there is also competition in terms of gadgets innovation. Chinese manufacturers have added a lot of significant improvement to gadgets over the years. Consequently, manufacturers in other countries are also forced to sit up and be innovative in producing gadgets. The implication is that we have a lot of gadgets with varying features, with new features being introduced, developed or improved on a daily basis.