How to Turn Straight Synthetic Hairs into Curly?

Synthetic and human hair weavers are often worn by women who wish a way to change their look temporarily. Weavers are extremely versatile and offer the possibility to change additional length and color. Depending on the quality and the fiber of a straight weave it can be formatted in the same way as natural hair, to transform it into a curving weave. Although synthetic weaves tend to be heat, which must be tolerant, extra care must be taken when, as opposed to human hair curling, the higher quality and more resistant.

Synthetic Hairs

If you want to spare your chive garlic, avoid the visit to the hairdresser, but still want to conjure at least a few waves into your hair, you can look back on the good old method of hair curlers.

Women choose straight spins for different reasons to wear. A woman can wear the fabric because it can be more comfortable and easier to manage than her real hair while others can only wear straight weave on special occasions. You can wear your weave in a variety of hairstyles, but it also requires proper care for the weave on you to look neat.


Use of Hot Rollers

  • Plug the hot rollers before prepping the hair so that they will be thoroughly heated.
  • Combine the fabric thoroughly with a wide-tooth comb to remove knots or cords that can hinder the curling process.
  • Divide the weave into several small sections and use hair clips to hold each section. If you use hot rollers, it is recommended to start at the front of the head and work back. imp source:
  • Hold a section of hair straight up and spray it with lightly with hair spray. Wrapping from the ends of the weave to the barrel of the roller begin and continues rolling the hair until you reach the scalp base.
  • Secure the rollers with clips then lightly spray with hair spray.
  • Let the rollers remain in the hair until they are cool, usually 15 to 20 minutes. Avoid removing roles while they are still warm.
  • Apply the hair styling products and shake the lure or run your fingers through it to complete the look.

Tips & Warnings

Check the care instructions included synthetic weeds; make sure they are heat resistant before them curling, as many inferior synthetic hair weaves cannot process heat.