Soothe Your Spirit – Treatment with essential oil

Essential oil is in Liquid form that is distilled from the natural sources of leaves, stalks, flowers, bark, roots and other elements of the plants. Essential oil is used for various health benefits; you can use it as fragrance oils or scents and culinary purposes too. There are various kinds of essential oils like apricot oil, anise oil, lavender oil, sandalwood oil, carrier or base oil. Essential oil is also useful in aromatherapy and ayurveda massages or treatment also. This pure essential oil can be used as decorative products and making soaps. The oil is extremely effective and skin friendly also.

Davana oil is another Natural essential oil that is extracted from the plants throughout the scientific process of steam distillation. The oil creates refreshing odor fragrances which are extensively utilized in Ayurvedic and Unani medicines for it has several health benefits also. Davana oil is used as Ayurveda treatment of psychological disorders because of its own excellent antidepressant properties. This oil offers tranquility to your mind and calms your nervous system and it can help to cure your psychological stress, anxiety and high blood pressure.

Natural Essential Oil

The oil possesses the Antiseptic property that is quite powerful to abolish the germs and bacteria from the elements of the body. You may apply this oil directly in your open wound and it stops the bleeding too. Davana oil heels the cuts and severe bruises too. Davana oil can be utilised as cosmetic products in which it eases to remove the stains, dark circles and acne from the face. Additionally, it has great benefits in eliminating stretch marks from pregnant women. The oil is the best medication for lungs that helps to boost your respiratory system and it can help to discharge you from chronic congestions and other respiratory disorders.

Grapefruit oil is pale Yellow in colour that has many terrific properties of anti-oxidant, diuretic, anti-depressant and lymphatic and essential oils malaysia for sales. It has sweet smell that is formulated from herbs, flowers, plants, and vegetables. The advantage of grapefruit oil is that it is extremely useful increasing immunity. It is highly full of Vitamin C that protects your skin from environmental pollution and because of having anti-oxidant component it is highly effective and helpful for fighting against the aging skin and it is the best uses for tissues, muscles, eyes and ears. Since the oil has diuretic agent that helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Like uric acid, fats, sodium. Grapefruit oil has also an advantage to control your high blood pressure and keep your heart healthy and the oil improves your digestion and cures your gastrointestinal troubles. Grapefruit oil functions as hair tonic that keeps your long healthy and strong and also helps to promote hair growth.